IHC Viewer for Home Assistant

May 10, 2018

This is a custom component for Home Assistant that will give you a tree view of the IHC project directly within Home Assistant. You can expand the tree and get the resource ids to be used for manually configuring your IHC setup in HA.

NOTE: The IHCViewer component does not work in the newer HA releases – a function to add custom panels has been removed, and I have not had the time to find out how to do this another way. (IF anybody know please tell)


eQ-3 Max Cube heating home automation

April 2, 2018

I have had the Max Cube, Radiator Thermostat, Wall Thermostat and Window/Door sensor, for about a year now, and this post will be about my current experience with the system.


Home Assistant has integration with Max Cube (More about further down)


Home Assistant IHC integration

October 8, 2017

Home Assistant is an opensource home automation system which can integrate with a lot of different kind of systems, but it has no IHC support yet. You can integrate IHC with Home assistant using mqtt and the ihc mqtt gateway. But it is nice to have a more “native” integration where lights, sensors e.t.c are found automatically. This is what this post is about.