HTTPS support to the IHC Controller version 3 in Home Assistant

In an upcoming firmware update (to be released soon) for the IHC controller version 3, you will only be able to use a https connection to the soap API in the controller. This means the current version of Home Assistant will not be able to connect to the IHC controller. The current version can only use http.

Note: The https support is now included in HA version 0.112 and later, but only working with verison 3 of the controller

I have been working on getting https working with the IHC controller. I have tried this before with the older controller, but it only has old outdated https protocols, that are consider unsafe today, and therefore I dropped it. It is working now on the new version 3 controller, and I have made a PR for home assistant – it has been merged today, so you should be getting this in an upcoming HA release.

This message is to warn you if you update your IHC firmware before you get the new update for Home Assistant. If you do so you will not be able to connect to the IHC Controller from Home Assistant

Important: this is ONLY for version 3 of the controller. Https will NOT work with the older controllers.

If you want to try it before you can get it directly from github:

Note: This is probably only for the real nerds to do. You can either copy the homeassistant/components/ihc/manifest.json into you own installation. Or you can copy the folder homeassistant/components/ihc into your config/custom_components folder. This will overwrite the build in ihc component. Restart HA. Remember to remove it later when you get the HA update.

P.S. The information about the upcoming firmware release was send to me from Schneider Electric. Nice to get a warning about this so I could get it working before the firmware update 🙂 I have verified that is works on a pre-release of the firmware.

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  1. janus says:

    Du mangler de nye komponenter fra LK.

    name=”IHC LED Dimmer 2 kanaler”

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