IHC Home Assistant release 2.0

I am preparing the IHC integration to be included in the official Home Assistant, and have made the initial pull request.

A lot of changes has been made to better follow the way other component are configured in HA. I have updated haihc to include these change in this new release 2.0:

If you have been using a previous version, you will have to make some change to your configuration.


The comments below has been imported from the old website. Currently comments are readonly, meaning you can not make new comments. You will be able to do that when it is ready. For now if you want to get in touch, you can send me an email. If you have problems with something that has a github repository, please make a github issue.

Hi, I have a version 1.0 of IHC controller, TCP/IP connected via Moxa to RS422 port. Do you by chance know if it is possible to connect this to Home assistent ?The Home Assistant Integration I have made is only for version 2 and 3.
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