IHC Home Assistant release 2.0

I am preparing the IHC integration to be included in the official Home Assistant, and have made the initial pull request.

A lot of changes has been made to better follow the way other component are configured in HA. I have updated haihc to include these change in this new release 2.0:


If you have been using a previous version, you will have to make some change to your configuration.

  • autosetup -> auto_setup
  • Manual setup components will not overwrite auto setup components (this was the case previously if the same ihc id was used)
  • Auto setup configuretion is now in a separate yaml file. (copy the custom_components/ihc/ihc_auto_setup.yaml to the configuration folder – then make the changes the this file )
  • Manual setup of components has been change to use the same pattern for all components.
    Read the Git Wiki pages
    (You can no longer use the syntax 1234: name)

2 responses to “IHC Home Assistant release 2.0”

  1. Christian says:

    I have a version 1.0 of IHC controller, TCP/IP connected via Moxa to RS422 port. Do you by chance know if it is possible to connect this to Home assistent ?

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