IHC Integration in the official Home Assistant

The IHC integration is now included in the official Home Assistant release 0.62

If you have had the previous IHC integration installed as a custom platform/component, you should delete these from you configuration folder to make the new integration work. (Any custom component will overwrite the build in component)

Change since the last release

Some change have been made in the manual configuration, to make it more consistent in the way other components are doing this. Look at the Home Assistant IHC web page for more information about this.

15 responses to “IHC Integration in the official Home Assistant”

  1. Christian Klit says:

    I love it, super easy to deal with, and the documentation part on hass.io is good and thorough. Thanks for this!

  2. Kenneth Drost says:

    Hi there, just upgraded to 0.62, i’m getting this error : Not initializing ihc because could not install dependency ihcsdk==2.1.1
    2018 im my logfile.

    Help Please 🙂

    • Jens says:

      Home assistant should install dependencies automatically. You can install it manually from a command line using pip:
      pip install ihcsdk
      (On linux if using python 3 or later use pip3)
      You need to do this from the same user/context as you are running HA.
      To list installed packaged:
      pip list

  3. Stefan Larsen says:

    Any way to recive longpress and release on IHC Switches, for dimming non ihc lights via HASS?

    • Jens says:

      You can connect a button from ihc to a HA binary sensor. Then you can use the sensor in your automation scripts to do whatever you like in HA.The sensor will be on when the button is pressed, and off when the button is released.

  4. Torben Christensen says:

    I have been using your Homeassistant component for a long time, with great ease. However, after updating to 0.70, IHC keeps giving errors. In the HASS log, it says: Unable to read project from ICH controller
    I also get an error, when trying to log into the controller through your IHC Alternative. But that one has nothing to do with HASS, so I am a bit confused, as everything clashed with me updating to 0.70. I really hope you can help.

    • Jens says:

      I have not made any changes to the IHC integration since it was included in HA. I have also updated to 0.70 and it is working fine for me. Have you tried rebooting your IHC controller? Do you have something else connected to your controller. I did have a similar issue with openhab long time ago – it was preventing anything else to connect to the controller.

  5. Kenneth Drost says:

    Hi, i have been using the official IHC component for a while – really like it, but after I upgraded HA to 0.72.1 all my graphs stops updating. If I disable the IHC component graphs gets updated again – can anybody confirm that behavior ? tested on hassbian and hass.io with minimum of sersors. No lights at all.

  6. Jesper says:

    Help to get started with Home Assistant.
    I already have a pii running with Openhab that is connected to IHC. and this runs fine.
    and now I’ve tried to connect ihc against Home Assistant.
    I have followed the instructions from the HA page about the installation.
    and have corrected the Config Yaml file, but gets INVALID CONFIG pleas check your config.
    Is there a kind soul that will help me get started.

  7. Morten Lüneborg says:

    Absolutely great with official integration. Work as a charm except that it brings back the issue with lack of support for multiple IHC controllers.
    Would it be possible to add support for multiple entries? With the modules being pulled automatically the old option of modifiying the code locally seems not as the best option.
    Otherwise, big thumbs up!

    • Jens says:

      It is possible to do it, but I don’t have the time for it right now. HA is all opensource so anyone else is free to contribute.

      • Morten Lüneborg says:

        I have submitted a pull request on GitHub with support for a secondary IHC controller. Runs smoothly with my double controller setup and doesn’t impact existing configuration. Hope it will help others with the same kind of setup 🙂

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