Home Assistant IHC integration

October 8, 2017

Home Assistant is an opensource home automation system which can integrate with a lot of different kind of systems, but it has no IHC support yet. You can integrate IHC with Home assistant using mqtt and the ihc mqtt gateway. But it is nice to have a more “native” integration where lights, sensors e.t.c are found automatically. This is what this post is about.


Python IHC soap client

September 25, 2017

Yet another ihc soap client – this time for python. This is work in progress as I am trying to get this integrated into Home Assistant.


IHC Soap client for esp8266

September 24, 2017

This is a library to make soap requests to the IHC controller from an esp8266. I am using this library in my DingSwitch project. It implements a limited set of the soap requests: authentication, get and set runtime values and notification.