Home Assistant IHC integration roadmap

I get many questions about if/when some specific feature is comming to the IHC integration for Home Assistant. Must of these are regarding configflow/unique id on entites, and related stuff. (And I will soon have a new version with configflow ready for testing)

So here is my list of stuff I am working on/concidering to do in a priority order:


Bug fixing will always have a high priority. If a bug is very rare/special – meaning it only affects a few users, and is a special case – it may have a lower proirity.

There are currently no high priority bugs I am aware of.


This is to keep up with some of the new ways HA is doing stuff. This “feature” will probably have some breaking changes (not backward compatible), but also make it easier for new users to get started.

  • Allow your to setup the controller through UI (no configuration.yaml)
  • The controller will be represented as a device in HA, and identified by its serial number.
  • Entities will get a unique id, allowing you to easier change name/icon
  • Autosetup IHC products as devices in HA. To group related entities, and easier automation (Because the HA UI now have better support for automations on devices)
  • Extra attribute to identify the IHC controller on an entity. (When you have multiple IHC controllers)

Sensor float precision

Be able to set how many decimals you want on float sensors

Set and get IHC timer values from HA

Service functions to set and get timer values from IHC

Set enum values in IHC from HA 

A HA service functiun ihc.set_runtime_value_enum

The enum value would just be text since HA does not have enums

Battery level on wireless IHC

I have not found a way to get the batteri level from the IHC controller, but if I find a solution this is a nice feature to have.

Support IHC groups to be converted to HA areas

I have looked at this briefly, and could not find a way to do it. I assume it is possible, and when I know howto, this feature will get higher priority. I you know how to add new areas during HA “async_setup_entry”, and also set the area on a device during setup – let me know.


If you have other good ideas about new features to the IHC integration, please write in the comments below. If more people ask for the same thing (and I think it is a good idea), it is more likely that I will make it. Don’t ask me when – I release all what I make when it is ready.





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  1. Michael Svinth says:

    Regarding the “Support IHC groups to be converted to HA areas” there is a new feature in the 2021.3 release (Beta release when writing this) called Suggested Area. Seems like that would do:

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