Home Assistant IHC Viewer – not “just” a viewer anymore

The Home Assistant IHC viewer version 2.0 has had a lot of changes:

  • Most importantly, it can now be used to add/remove manual setup of entites. (no more manual editing of the ihc_manual_setup.yaml file)
  • It support multiple controllers.
  • The setup is now a config flow – no editing of comfiguration.yaml.
  • You can change boolean input/output on the controller directly from the UI.
  • Several other smaller bugfixes/improments

IMPORTANT NOTE: this new version does only work with the new IHC integration

You can read about the original version of the Home Assistant IHC Viewer here

You can find the HA IHC Viewer here on github

The readme file on github also contains the install instructions. (install via hacs using a custom repository)

Adding/removing manually configured entities

When you select an input/output resource in the IHC project, the propertis view at the bottom wil show something like this:

Depending on the type of resource you have selected some buttons will show. Here : “Binary sensor”, “Light” and “Switch”. Bye clicking on of the button you will make a manual setup for the resource id you have selected. As an example the binary sensor:

You can now enter a name and optionally set the other parameters. When you click the “ok” button the entity will be added to the ihc_manaul_setup.yaml file.

After you have made change you will need to restart Home Assistant before the changes will be used. (A flashing “restart required” will blink at the top, so you don’t forget).

If you select a resource that has already been setup as a manual entity, a “Remove manual setup” button is shown. Clicking the button will remove the entity from the ihc_manaul_setup.yaml file. Again a restart is required. (You can of cause make multiple changes before you restart)

Note the “Light” has not “dimmable” option – this is because it is not needed. If you have selected a light level resource the light will be dimmable, if you have selected a boolean on/off resource the light will not be dimmable.

The light and switch can be configured to have seperate id’s to pulse for on and off. If you want to do this you hold down “shift” while selected the 2 additional resources. The selection will show “on_id” and “off_if” on the 2. and 3. resource.

Changing boolean resources on the IHC controller

As you can see from the above image – the value has 3 small buttons “on” “off” and “toggle”. Using these you can change the boolean value on the controller. This can also be used on reource ids that is not currently connected to Home Assistant. It is a nice feature when testing/troubleshooting your Home Assistant or IHC setup. (For the lazy ones – so you don’t actually have to move your ass and press a pyhsical button ๐Ÿ˜‰

Multiple controller support

If you have more than one IHC controller – a combobox will show in the upper right corner. Here you can select which controller you want the view.

Note that if you make changes to the number of controllers while IHC viewer is running – you will have the restart Home Assistant for IHC Viewer to update.

Misc other changes/improvements

When a resource has an assotiated HA entity a small icon will be added to the resource. Selecting the resource will show the HA entity name in the properties at the bottom. (This is not actually a new feature in 2.0, but it was not the the original 1.0)

Previously there was and issue when the authentication token expired, and you had to refresh the browser to make the IHC viewer work again. The token should now be automatiacally refreshed so you don’t have to do the refresh.

“Dark” mode should now be better supported, and IHC Viewer will use the colors define by Home Assistant.

And then there are probably also some other stuff that I forgot about.

Comments/bug reporting

If you find bugs please report in github issues. (This makes it easier to track)

Notice that sometimes you need to clear your browser cache after installing – so please do this before you create a bug report.

Other comments below.



16 responses to “Home Assistant IHC Viewer – not “just” a viewer anymore”

  1. Jeppe says:

    Hi Jens. Do you have any plans regarding when this new integration will be included in the official home assistant release?

    • Jens says:

      The New Beta IHC integration is going to be included when I think it is ready. I can’t put a time on it. The last Pull request I did for Home assistant was just before christmas it was merged about a week ago and will be included int HA 2020.3. Since the HA relase cycle is longer now – it can take up to 2 months from I make a PR to you actually see in the HA release. This is also why I made this custom “beta” version, so more people can try it and I can make changes faster.

      The IHC viewer it is not going to be included in the official home assistant.

  2. Jonas Bille says:

    Great job! work very well

  3. Gudmund says:

    Hi !

    This is awesome ๐Ÿ™‚ Great job!

    I have tried to update to IHC Viewer 2.0.3 via HACS, but I get an error. See below.
    I have installed the IHC BetaTest Integration 0.9.0 which seems to work fine. The IHC Integration as well as entities are nicely displayed as any other integration ๐Ÿ™‚
    I have removed the IHC section in the configuration.yaml and has just a “ihcviewer:” directive

    Can I upgrade to latest version of the viewer?
    Error message
    “Setup using configuration is not supported anymore”

  4. Gudmund says:

    This is not related to IHC Viewer (sorry) I am just bumping myself here.

    Would it be possible to fetch a backup copy of the controller configuration somehow (that is the Visual .vis file ) so this rather important file can be automatically backed up ?

    • Jens says:

      You can do it using my ihc sdk for python (the HA integration is build on top of this). Here on github
      I don’t understaand why you would do that automatically, because there can not be any changes to the visual .vis file unless you have made them in the IHC Visual program. When ever I make changes I always save a copy on my harddisk, any append a data to the name – that way i can also go back.

      • Gudmund says:

        The reason is if there is a controller crash and a hard disk copy is not there. But I agree – best is to revision control it with copies of this file whenever updated.

  5. Claus says:

    Thank you for the new IHC integration. Made it much easier to move from OpenHAB to HA.

    I have a couple of Contacts(dataline inputs) that have been autodetected. I need to invert them (switch open/closed). I cannot seem to modify the autodetected entities. Is it possible to create a manual entity for these contacts?

    • Jens says:

      As I remember it you can overwrite the autodetected by overriding it in the manual setup (I can’t verify it right now). The ihc viewer will not allow it so you will have to edit the “ihc_manual_setup.yaml” file manually.

      As an alternative you can modify the auto setup: Customizing Home Assistent IHC auto setup

  6. Knud Fredslund Toft says:

    Today i updated to the new beta integration (to get IHCviewer up running again)
    IHCviewer doesen’t show up in the list of integrations. Tried to uninstall IHCviewer in HACS, reinstalled IHCviewer, but still nothing in integrations. What did i miss?

    • Jens says:

      Maybe you have the older 1.x version, Currently the newset version is 2.0.3 – it is marked a prerelease (because it requires the new IHC integration not yet in HA). And you need to remove ihcviewer from configuration.yaml and add in the the HA integrations UI

  7. Knud Fredslund Toft says:

    Yes, it is the 1.2.5, i have, but in HACS i can only choose 1.2.5 or older versions. (“Show Betas” is checked)

    Should I copy the v.2 filet to custom_components folder manualy instead?

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