IHC Viewer for Home Assistant

This is a custom component for Home Assistant that will give you a tree view of the IHC project directly within Home Assistant. You can expand the tree and get the resource ids to be used for manually configuring your IHC setup in HA.

NOTE: The IHCViewer component does not work in the newer HA releases – a function to add custom panels has been removed, and I have not had the time to find out how to do this another way. (IF anybody know please tell)

When enabled you get a new item in the HA menu:

In the IHC viewer you can see the IHC project, expand and select to get resource id:

Additionally you can see the IHC log. (This is where you get messages about low battery level)


You can get the custom component on github here:


The custom_components folder should be placed in your HA configuration folder. So you will have


Additionally you must add the entry


To your configuration.yaml file.

2 responses to “IHC Viewer for Home Assistant”

  1. Christian Klit says:

    Thank you 🙂

  2. Christian Klit says:

    I saw that some other add-ons “simply” (i don’t know how much it involves) make an panel_iframe that links to the hass-IP and then a specific port where the add-ons webpage runs. I don’t know if this could be a workaround?

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